This next online marketing exercise
will get you one step closer to your coveted traffic. 
Let's get right to it, shall we? 

Make a list of your 10 competing companies and businesses and go to SimilarWeb.  Use their in-depth data to trace the traffic sources and flow of these businesses. You will learn a lot how they operate and if they make money. The best part ,if you offer the same service/product, you can also learn where they get their traffic from. This will be proven traffic that converts. You can write to these website and ask to buy banners or content and direct the traffic to your website. Another way to source up your traffic from these websites is to do an Adword Google display campaign and place your ads there.
Of course you should go-ahead and plan an Adword Google or Facebook or Outbrain campaigns to bring segmented traffic. 
This is a good way, but you will need experience and expertise and on-going campaigns to get to the best conversions.
We recommend splitting your budget - 40% of cooperation (like buying ads or content) with relevant traffic sources 
as websites, bloggers, newsletters and so on. For the remaining 60%, get the rest of the traffic from online platforms as
we've mentioned above. 

Developing accurate and different modules of cooperation is a crucial step before entering a world of banners and PPC campaigns. 
We would suggest you explore this option first, this is the fastest way to get a hot lead with a great chance for a sales conversion.  

make Them press BUY NOW! 
How can we ensure our clients that our intentions are genuine?
Your customers suspect you. They think you don’t want the best for them, but for yourself. 

A small example - You buy a new car for... let’s say for $30,000. You drive it around for 2 weeks and than you decide to put it on the market for sale. Yet, you’ll price it for $23,000. Why such a low price? You are aware that the potential buyers will consider this decision as ‘strange’. It mainly arouses suspicion that there's something wrong with the car. The $7,000 discount in the price is the missing information that the buyers don’t have. This is the price of suspicion. 

The same logic works also when the client doesn't know you and/or your product.
How can we ensure our clients that our intentions are genuine and that our products are good? 
How can we convince them we want to give them real value and improve their life quality?

Here are a few pointers that would make you Trustworthy:

◉ P.R. (newspapers, magazines, influencers content etc.)
◉ Success stories◉ Success stories 
◉ Recommendations 
◉ Detailed information about you and thecompany/product 
◉ Trustworthy URL 
◉ Business e-mail address & contact infomation (including a phone number) 

We would suggest to have all of these, but for some costumers a combination of 2-3 parts will be enough to build a bridge of confidence. Go over the checklist and do your best to have as much information as posible. 

Sitting in front of the computer and buying is a positive experience for the users, but as we said they need reassurance. 
We would like to stress-out that although we spend more and more time and do much more things online, we do need to know that there are real people behind the screen. People we can reach out to, get information and complain if needed. So highlight this to your clients that you will always give them the best personal service. 

This brings us to the next point. It is very important that your company will have a phone number. Many studies in online marketing show that when the user knows that there is a ‘bridge’ between online and the real world this makes the purchase experience trustworthy. Most of the users will never use the phone number but it reassures them to buy the product.  

A recommendation for conclusion: Please consider at length how to create a reassuring ‘bridge’ between the potential costumer and your product/service. You have a bout 7-10 seconds to impress and convince the user, so starting on a positive note will lead to a long relation. Once the USER becomes a BUYER/CLIENT you up-sell and give more value on a regular basis.

15 Steps and 5 Seconds to success 
Online marketing is a tricky creature... 
Learn the 5 steps from first encounter to the 'PAY NOW'
In the FLOW of these 3/5 steps EVERYTHING can go wrong... 

Your Facebook page can have poor content and unprofessional promotion can lead (among other things) to overpriced and unsatisfactory campaign results; Your landing page content and/or design is not convincing. Your re-marketing emails get poor CTO rates and don't convert well too. These are but a few examples for things that can go wrong. 

On top, please remember you only have 3-5 seconds to persuade the user/costumer in each step on the way to purchase. 
If he was not convinced with-in the 3 second window frame you have, you'll lose them to the competition. 
Consider these 5 steps carefully and try the 3 second test on potential customers to see if you got it right and if you are on the right track. 
When to bring in the cavalry? 
It's vital to ask for HELP when we need it most.... 

As people we all have our strengths and.... weaknesses. 

Most of us know at what we are good at (most of the time), and although it is usually harder to acknowledge what we don't know, it is vital to ask for assistance when we need it.
Online marketing needs various abilities and we can't have them all. We can't posses each and every skill... It is highly unlikely that you are a great designer, scriptwriter, tech-guy and a professional Google AdWords and Facebook campaign manager. 

Asses at what you are good at, and then asses the in what professional parts in on-line marketing you need help with. Once you figured it out, outsource it and get an expert to take over. If your budget doesn't allow outsourcing, it is very easy to get online tutorials, courses and help chats. You can also use website (like, etc') where you can find the services you need for prices starting from $5 only.

Online marketing can make you lots of money but it is also be very cruel. Sometimes you are just a tweak away from a profitable conversion. Don’t let your ego ruin your success and get in the cavalry in time to complete the mission! 

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